Hair Styling



We can style that

Trusting someone with your hair is never an easy decision and certainly not something that we take lightly. Let Town Square Hair & Barber Studio take a moment to reassure you that we’re devoted to styling all types of hair.

Whether you’re a man or woman, if you are looking for a modern, classy hair salon in the Amarillo, TX area, then you have found just the right place. Our stylists working here are top notch and are some of the top hairdressers in Amarillo. We have stylists with a diverse set of talents that should make Town Square Hair & Barber Studio your first choice whether you have short or long hair.

We can help you get that celebrity look with the latest styles in hair waves, hair curls, or you can just have a unique style custom-made just for you. The possibilities are endless.


You want to leave the barber shop looking as if the God of Hair himself (or herself) came down to lay their majestic golden scissors upon your head. Let’s face it. You probably don’t know how to create that look at home on your own.

We’re not just here to cut your hair. We also offer the styling products and advice you need to keep that majestic mane of your looking tip top until the next time we meet. By choosing the proper products suited to your hair type and style, you can achieve that “just left the barber” look without all the extra stray hair clippings all over your shirt.

The path to greatness is knowledge. Let us help you.


Ladies, there are a multitude of reasons for finding the right hairstyle that can be altered to fit any occasion. Sometimes we work, sometimes we go out on the town, sometimes, we just want to hang around the house. We completely understand.

From short and sophisticated to long and lovely, our Amarillo Hair Salon offers the latest looks and on-trend cuts to support any lifestyle choice. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients look and feel their best.

There’s plenty good reasons that we’re considered the best hair salon in Amarillo. Skill and expertise are just 2 of them.