Hair Cuts In Amarillo



Your Hair Cut is a Reflection of You

Some of us need way more than just the cookie cutter experience. We want to provide you with more than just a haircut. We want you to have a personal experience that entices you to come back again and again. We strive to provide a caring environment where your mind is at ease and able to relax while a skilled stylist brings your look to life.

We fully understand that hair is as unique as the individual and we want your look to reflect just that: the individual. Whether we are performing a hair cut for men or for women, the amount of care and respect for that persons aesthetic is on the top of mind for us.

Our highly trained stylists take a great deal of pride in providing the style, attention to detail, and overall look that you’re after. You should leave feeling clean and ready to move on with your day the moment you leave the shop.

Hair styling is important, but often it is secondary only to creating the proper base and texture for that style to thrive upon. If done right, even the “messiest” hairdo will look unflawed. If you have a “hairy” situation that you don’t know how to contend with, you should let your stylist know and they will gladly offer advice and techniques to help you.

For men’s and women’s haircuts alike, Town Square Hair & Barber Studio is here to gladly help you create a look that will serve you both at work and on the red carpet without having to break the bank. We offer a full menu of services and there really isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with the help of visual references to your desired look.